Thursday, 31 May 2012

Calorie-counting and Confessing

I've been tracking with my new app on my phone now for 3 days, and it's certainly making me think. Reframing everything in terms of calories and fat, instead of points, means I'm having to relearn it all from scratch. Oddly enough, I feel like I'm eating tons though, and I keep questioning whether I'm doing it right. So far, I've managed a decent deficit on both days, even with impromptu dinner out and drinks last night. I'll have a weigh-in on Sunday, the last morning before I go on holiday, and we'll see if it's doing me any good. That will be the best part of a week since I started so should be a good-ish indication of how it's going.

I'm feeling a wee bit terrified today - for the first time ever I've 'fessed up to someone I really like how I feel about them, without the safety blanket of knowing they definitely like me back. I feel pretty exposed and out there, and it's not at all comfortable but I decided to take the risk anyway. I guess I'll update on here how that goes when I've found out myself. He did text me back earlier to say he'd speak to me tonight (as he is apparently moving house today and doesn't have time to breathe), but I couldn't really tell from the tone of the message which way it was going to go.

It's silly really as I'm sure this is something that everyone else has been doing since they were 16, but as I've said before I kept myself so emotionally locked away for years that I'm very behind on the whole relationship / emotion / talking to people roller coaster.

So yeah - that's sort of me right now. Looking forward to a week off next week and time away with my girls, whatever happens with the boy. Maybe I'll take some time on the beach next week to figure out my itchy feet thing and think about what I want to do, or what I think is missing, so I can get on a do something about it. It's always the not knowing that kills me!!!

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  1. Not silly at all! Telling someone how you 'really' feel is one of the hardest things, even if you have done it 100 times before.

    I hope he sees what a catch you are. X