Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lack of Planning

The weekend ended not too badly on the food front. Jo and I ended up at her health club on Monday for a bit of light cardio, a couple of laps of the outdoor pool and a jacuzzi, followed by healthy lunch at the club's restaurant. Oh, and the 20 min walk there and back. Unfortunately, there was a slight downfall later in the evening in the form of fudge bought back for me from Croyde by my flatmates. But overall, the weekend wasn't terrible - I just need to get my Friday nights a bit more under control so I don't use all of my weekly points in one day!

Today would have been excellent, but my lack of foresight let me down. And by lack of foresight, I mean "lack of food in the house".

I read a post earlier with a little quote in it "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail". I don't necessarily agree with that all the time, but in terms of healthy eating it can be quite true. No food equals a lack of choices and a tendency to go wrong.

On the upside, I just gave the rest of my Green and Black's chocolate to my housemates to deal with (and that was hard believe me!!!).

Tomorrow, I intend to do a bit of meal-planning so I can do an efficient shop and get some of the opportunities for temptation nailed down before I go wrong again. There's no point having disaster-avoidance at the weekend if I waste my opportunities during the week!!

What-ho, sailors of the healthy-eating seas, full steam ahead!

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