Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Mighty Plan

All hail The Mighty Plan!!!

And Soup!! Lots and lots of Soup!

As promised, I've got my ass in gear. I have planned. I will not say I have A Plan, as that implies some kind of longevity that we all know I generally lack the application of, but I have Planned, and in the short-term I know exactly what I'm doing.

I even went Food Shopping!!! With A List!!! An activity that has been sadly lacking around these parts for a while now.

Basically speaking, I sat down yesterday and cast my mind back to the distant reaches of early 2009, when I was actually doing something novel which I believe they call Losing Weight. Sadly, my actual trackers from that period have been lost to the mists of time, but I spent a while mulling over the general habits that made me successful.

I was quite surprised how many individual habits or tricks I could come up with, especially when I considered how many I've since abandoned. I still weigh my portions of pasta and cereal etc - that's now a deeply ingrained habit, but I realised I used to bring my own lunch virtually every day, and most days that included home-made soup, so I knew every point I was eating. I kept small snacks in the house and took a supply to work, or out with me, so I didn't need to think about treats or fuel - it was just there. No wonder I used to be able to avoid the pic'n'mix at the cinema - I always had a treat-size pack of Cadbury Buttons ready in my bag.

So last night I stocked my cupboards. I got treats, fruit and supplies. I cooked a double portion of veg sauce for my pasta and half went in the fridge. I have meals ready to go til Sunday. I made soup (so much soup!!) from the remnants of the fridge and fresh stuff and have 6 portions pre-boxed and ready to go (3 in the freezer, 2 in the fridge and one here at work). And I made sandwiches to bring with me today.

My tracker yesterday was a perfect 29 points and I'd had dessert after dinner. I went to bed last night feeling happy, satisfied and guilt-free for a change.

I've re-evaluated why I want to do this: it's for me. Not for how I look, but how I feel. I can look good when I want to, and I'm far more confident these days than I've probably ever been before. But I miss how I felt a stone ago. I miss how my clothes felt and my fitness felt. I like feeling sleeker and more toned and tighter. I miss feeling lighter and more energetic. And I miss the feeling of achieving my goals.

I'm going to focus on those feelings, my immediate plans, positive self-talk and how I feel. And a little bit less focus on the scales because they'll do their thing in their own sweet time.


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  1. It is amazing what a difference actually planning makes. For me, planning meals out properly is the biggest difference between a "good" week and a "bad" week. And yep, definitely relate to that point you made about always having snacks and fuel to hand - most bad food decisions are made when hungry.

    Sounds like you are on top form!


  2. Good plan :) When I plan, I succeed and the rest of the time I flounder somewhat.

    Good luck with this week x