Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Freezer Fail

I learnt a valuable lesson today: if you are going to be organised enough to make soup and put it in the freezer, then you have to be organised enough to take it back out and defrost it the night before you want to eat it.

It turns out that defrosting an entire box of soup in the microwave at work takes FOREVER!!!! I did persevere though, and eventually got it defrosted enough to eat just in time to have to go to a lunchtime meeting, so ended up taking my soup with me - since I'd just spent 15 mins waiting for it to be edible, I was damn well going to eat it!!

Other than that minor episode though, things seem to be going well at the moment. Yesterday was the first Monday in a really long time that I've finished a weekend lighter (just about) than I started it. Although I have used a very few of my activity points this week, I'm saving plenty of them, which is great.

I also did battle with cake yesterday .... and won. It was one of those days when I was constantly hungry. Despite having eaten plenty for lunch and then snacks during the afternoon, I was still physically hungry for more. I checked myself to make sure it was physical not mental, and it was real hunger, but despite the siren call of the cakes at the end of the desks, I held on in there til I could get home for dinner. It's a small victory, but I was proud.

The funny thing was that I kept thinking that I was being weak for not being able to stop thinking (ok, make that obsessing) about the cakes, but in the end I was strong.

I did have the world's clumsiest day yesterday though, which was incredibly frustrating. As well as cutting my hand with the scissors along with the Sellotape, I managed to tip over two full pints of squash on the living room carpet, nearly flung another across the kitchen, chucked most of my dinner on the floor as I was cooking it and forget to drop a parcel off on the way home. I was just not with it at all!! Today is better although I'm mildly grumpy that my lunchtime meeting meant I couldn't go to circuits even though I lugged all my kit in this morning. Hmph.

Still, I'll pick my battles where I can win them, and for the most part, I'm feeling pretty good at the moment.

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  1. Well done Lady. Loving all this positive chat. Keep it going so I can use you as inspiration! x