Saturday, 5 May 2012

Trying Something Different

I know - just occasionally I do some of this healthy-eating thing that I'm meant to. Sort of. Anyway, I thought I should try and make some effort this weekend since weekends are my (epic) failing point and I'm not so busy for once.

Sometimes you have to pick your battles. I often rely on my Friday circuits class as putting me on the right track, psychologically speaking, for the week.

Yesterday's class was not a great one, it has to be said. For the first time ever, I had to leave a class early. I got half-way through and was feeling so light-headed I actually made the decision to walk out. I have to admit that I felt a bit of a failure for leaving, but you can't win them all - yesterday was not happening and it wasn't my fault - just one of those days. But here's the thing with The War: sometimes you can't win every Battle, but it doesn't mean it's time to give up.

After that, yesterday evening was a lovely start to the weekend. Hannah and I met up for Eat Drink Bristol Fashion, which was a pop-up food event in Bristol. Giant tee-pees set up in beautiful Queens Square, and inside, a glass of champagne and tapas dishes by Michelin starred chef Josh Eggleton, an open fire pit and a live jazz band.

It was absolutely delicious - not traditional Spanish tapas but little dishes to nibble on - think scallops wrapped in pancetta, asparagus with a garlic and herb butter, beetroot spelt risotto and sticky ribs. However it did use up a fair chunk of my weekly points on top of my dailies. Aided by a big ol' glass of a yummy Sauvignon Blanc with such lovely fruity flavours it was a treat for the tongue (after a couple of glasses of the bubbly stuff).

Today, I'm enjoying a lovely relaxing day to myself. I caught an epic night's sleep last night and have just enjoyed a couple of hours in my local coffee shop browsing a magazine and reading my book (and totally ogling the cute guy sat across from me :-)). Right now I'm catching up on last week's The Voice before I scooch over to my friend Clare's house for tea and this week's instalment. I admit - I'm hooked!! And yes - I've tracked all my eats.

Nipping down to London tomorrow to catch up with my lovely bf Jo. Good times.

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