Tuesday, 22 May 2012

So Where Are We Now?

This week finds me, surprisingly, in a not terrible position on my food-tracking and activity. This weekend could have been a little bit tighter but, on the whole, I'm doing it right.

It's a just a shame that in nearly two and a bit weeks of "doing it right" the scales have failed to catch my drift and do anything correspondingly "right". But as we all know - you can control yourself but you can't control the scales.

Following on from my early night on Friday, I had a lovely long lie-in on Saturday morning and then allowed myself to get persuaded into something I haven't done for ages ... mountain-biking!!!!

I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I went near any single-track - the shame of it!!!! Somehow, I got distracted with surfing last summer and then running over the winter and then there was the Great Protracted House Move and, well, now it's NOW somehow and I've not been on my bike. Saturday was perfect though our friend Lynsay was trying out a shiny new.bike she had on test, and Craig and Sam were looking to take it fairly easy so the plan was some easy circuits of Leigh Woods and Ashton Court in the afternoon.

It's soooo easy for me to get over there now ... Just a nice easy peddle through Clifton Village and over the suspension bridge and turn right into the woods. I'd not been up there at all since all the trails got relaid last year and it was great - fast and flowy through the woods with a little skills circuit built in half way round. In the end I was content with 2 laps of Leigh Woods and 3 times round the skills circuits. The only thing I'd missed out by the end was the largest of the drop offs which was a bit beyond me at what looked like nearly 2ft of vertical drop or so (anyway to me it looked too big for me to safely attempt), but I did get down the biggest off the slab descents which I was pretty proud of! I probably could have gone on for a lap of Ashton Court with Lynsay and Craig but my legs were starting to feel it by then so I quit while I was ahead.

Saturday night we BBQ'd and I managed not to go too crazy and Sunday was another hospital visit to see my grandma and a roast in the evening .... again, I don't think I did too badly.

I'm aching quite a lot today after yesterday's yoga session, but it's looking set to be an active week with circuits on a minute, surfing tomorrow afternoon (too good to resist with the sun and the waves coming back at the same time after several week's absence) and then I'm intending to head back to the woods and Ashton Court with the bike on Thursday evening either with a friend or on my own.

I love the summer!!!

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