Thursday, 24 May 2012

Frustrated and Sore

I have to admit it, my ongoing battle with the scales is wearing me down. They just WILL. NOT. BLOODY. MOVE.

Or at least not in the direction I'd like them too. I've making a real effort for the last 3 weeks solid now, and I'm pretty much stuck exactly where I was.

I just don't get why this new Weightwatchers doesn't seem to work for me when the old one did. But it's definitely depressing me.

Add to that, that I'm sore all over from what's been an active week (circuits on Friday, mountain-biking on Sat, Body Balance on Monday, circuits again Tuesday, and surfing last night), and addled soreness from the joy of period pain, and I'm pretty darn grumpy.

I'm all set for a gain tomorrow I think, on top of the gain last week which I thought was just a timing thing. It would seem, that unless I stop having any life at all I can't get any kind of loss.

I know I'm whining, but I'm trying to figure out how to get back where I was with my weight and make it for with the life I live. I already drink significantly less than my flatmates, and lot of my friends, and I skip some meals out / nights out to try and stay on track. There must be a compromise here somewhere.

Aside from the whining, surfing last night was lovely. I actually took the afternoon off work to be lazy, but I could have left the office later and still got some waves. It wasn't the best surf conditions ever, but you can't beat an evening spent in the sun, in the ocean.

I had a bit of a freak-out when I got to the beach, as I driven down on my own, and it was the first time I'd ever been surfing simple rely on my own, and it was a new beach for me too. It was busy with lots of young super-fit surfer types running round, all seeming to know each other, and I suddenly felt way out of my depth. I sat in the sun-warmed car and read for about 40 mins, waiting to see of anyone I knew from the club would turn up, and then told myself to MTFU at 5pm and get on with it, or I'd miss the waves.

Of course, sods law, as soon as I was half-way into my wetsuit, Roger from the surf club drive past, yelled hello and parked up next to me. Then just as I was getting my bits together, Jane walked past with her board and waited for me, so we surfed together as we're about the same level. As we walked down together to the beach, Mark and Sarah passed us heading back to their car and said hey. It was the same when we got out, Neil was at his van and waved us over, and then another 3 club members piled up in their car and parked next to mine to say hi. After being scared by all those "local" surfers who knew each other, I'd ended up knowing 8 people there myself!

I'm off biking for a bit tonight (although very gently with my sore muscles), and I'm not giving up the fight yet, but I need to figure out how I'm going to make this work for me.

Enjoy the sun, people!!

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  1. I feel your pain with the new WW. I lost all my weight on the old version and I just don't seem to get on as well with this one. I'll keep plugging away I suppose, but it's struggle to balance losing weight with attempting to have a life.

    Good on you for being so active though, I'm finding the heat makes me want to lie still :)