Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dubious Miracles

Well, miracle of miracles, the scales are actually back where they were before holiday already .... and forgive me, but I'm still suspicious that they're going to jump up and bite me in the butt shortly.

Yesterday's eating was ... well, mostly ... back on plan. The meals were fine, the fridge is restocked with veg, fruit, meat and fish, but they're might have been a slight slip-up with a few too many Thorntons mini caramel shortbreads. Tricksy little buggers - a mere mouthful but 3 WW points each and my flatmate left some lying around. Ho hum - they're gone now.

I need to do something a bit more productive today - the sun is (sort of) shining and it seems a shame to stay inside being bored!

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Ummm .... What??? HOW???

I'm a little confused. As far as I know, I am still the same person that can look at a takeaway and instantly put on 4lbs, that I was before my holiday.

And yet, I've just stood on the scales, closed my eyes and held my breath to see what the excruciating damage was after 10 days of inhaling bread, pâté, cheese and wine .... and I had a little trouble processing it.

For according to the scales (the shiny new scales that should be nice and reliable), the damage is less than 2lbs. 1.75lbs if we're being holy accurate.

Where did the rest of it go?? I don't quite understand. It's really most peculiar!! I definitely felt like it would be a lot more than that!

However, I am in no way trying to provoke the Gods of the Scale, if they choose to favour me in such a way, so I am straight back to the good ol' straight and narrow today.

I don't have any food in the house right now, so when I get up (I may have gone back to my lovely warm bed since I have the rest of the week off), some form of healthy breakfast and a restocking of the cupboards and fridge will be in order, and then ... I don't really know as I don't have any firm plans for the next couple of days. Probably my favourite coffee shop and a book as it's currently tipping down out there .... ahhhh the lovely British weather!!

Welcome home, huh?

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Back home - back to reality. How very, very depressing.

After a glorious holiday, real life resumes. I dare say the scales will have nothing good to say tomorrow ... if they could possibly be lurking within the territory of the 13's that would be good enough for me, although I don't put a gain big enough to take me over 14st out of the equation totally. Whatever they say, tomorrow is all back to work on the eating and exercise front. I was making progress before holiday and I intend to pick up where I left off and keep going.

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Saturday, 25 August 2012


Bonjour from gay Paris!!

We've had a glorious week in the sunny Loire valley which has mostly featured wine, cheese, bread, pâté and a few fairytale chateaux! Not entirely health conscious but utterly, indulgently lovely none the less.

We've just arrived in Paris now for a couple of days ... having been before I'm pretty much content to wander and soak up the atmosphere rather than indulge in any serious culture-vulturing.

I'll no doubt arrive home about 10 lbs heavier than I left, but I guess that's what holidays are (sometimes) for :-)

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Friday, 17 August 2012

5th Week In A Row!

I lost another 1/2 lb!!! Might not sound much to you, but to me it marks an historic moment in which I've actually managed to lose consistently 5 weeks in a row. And whilst the last 2 weeks' losses haven't been huge they did follow 2 weeks in which I lost over 5lbs, so all in all it's very healthy.

I'm not entirely convinced I deserved a loss after a somewhat dirty Mexican tapas lunch yesterday with the boy, although looking at the balance of my eating during the week I guess I have been pretty much where I needed to be in terms of staying on track. I'm lacking exercise this week, having chosen to rest my back, but overall very happy.

This coming week is a whole different story, and I think I might be very lucky to see a record 6th loss next time I weigh in .... as I'm off to France for 10 days with friends!! We're leaving tonight for an early ferry, and heading to a massive farmhouse in the Loire for a week. Then a few of us are pit-stopping in Paris on the way home for an extra couple of nights.

There's going to be a lot of food and wine, and I've never been great at exercising willpower in group situations, so I see this as extremely challenging. I think my basic plan is eat what I want, but keep an eye on how much. It's a detailed plan obviously!!

We have no Internet where we're going so online tracking is not an option (and I'll be a little quiet on here) ... so we'll see how it goes - either way I'm looking forwards to a lovely holiday!

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Like a good little girl I took myself out for a second run yesterday. It was absolutely toasty out at lunchtime with no breeze to speak of, so it was definitely a hot sweaty effort, but I kept my pace steady and managed to complete the whole run without needing to walk. Slow but comfortable (or about as comfortable as running ever gets anyway) - just over 4km, just under 30 mins. I'm pleased with that for only my second run in 5 months.

Unfortunately, since then, my back has done something it hasn't done for quite a while and seems to have seized up. I met a friend for dinner and drinks last night, and I stood up to leave at the end of the evening, I suddenly realised that my back was really quite sore.

Admittedly, it's nowhere near as painful as previous episodes have been, but it definitely feels like something needs to click back into place - it's like little nagging, pinching sensations around my back and hips.

In an effort to nurse it and avoid making it any worse, I'm going to do the sensible thing and take the ret of the week as rest from working out. I'm taking my anti-imflamatories and some painkillers today, and just trying to move slowly so my body has a chance to de-stiffen when I stand up from my desk, and I'll maybe try some gentle stretches tonight too to help it.

Another click has happened too. The scales are sitting steady at around 12st 4lb this week, and I started to get a little annoyed that they weren't moving anywhere after around 2 weeks. Then I read something this morning - another blogger's post on being in the middle of the journey. So far from where you started and yet not at the finish. More comfortable than you were and yet fed up with change.

Everything she wrote just clicked with me. Both in my longer journey, and over the last couple of weeks. I'm far more comfortable in myself than a couple of years ago - hell, I'm more comfortable than a couple of weeks ago - I've actually lost nearly half a stone in the last couple of weeks - but now is most definitely not the time to get complacent. I need to keep making the effort.

I did well this weekend, better than many weekends in a long, long while - but that isn't really a reason to keep eating into my flex points this week. I enjoyed a couple of gin and tonics last night, and lovely moules frite while I was with my friend - and I didn't stop to wonder what I was consuming in points as I knew I still had a fair bit banked for the week. I need to be cleverer, more committed, more focused, if I want to keep losing weight.

So that's what I'm going to do for the rest of the week - focus. I then I need to have a think about the next 10 days .... as I'm off to France on holiday!!! The land where bread, cheese and really good wine abounds .... yep, I definitely need a plan!!!

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Sunday, 12 August 2012

BBQ Survival Tips

.... according to me anyway ...

Last night was none-to-clever. I'd planned my food as mentioned - some chicken skewers with a tikka glaze and veg skewers to have with humous and pitta - all nice and healthy.

Epic fail - after a few gin and bitter lemons, I forgot I'd put my food by the BBQ to be cooked, forgot to eat any of it. I remembered a bit later, by which time all the chicken had gone, as had most of the other meat goodies. I grabbed a couple of my veg skewers as they had turned up on the table near me, but in my mildly inebriated state forgot the pitta bread and humous bit.

So basically, I drunk all night on an empty stomach - genius.

It would be fair to say that I did not feel too good. In fact, so bad, that I could barely move - every move left me hot and cold and nauseous. Dry-retching nauseous. Which was a little unfortunate since Jo was visiting and due to arrive at 11am. Poor thing had to put up with me lying on the sofa trying not to throw up for the first hour or so, until I rallied a bit.

I finally feel better at the time of writing, but think I might leave the gin alone for a while. On the upside, not eating last night and this morning puts me in a great position on my Weightwatchers points as I finish the weekend - I feel another good week coming on!!

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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Weekly Weighting

I'm surprisingly pleased with the result of yesterday's weigh in, even though it was a meagre 0.25lb off.

Let me explain: firstly, that means I actually managed to consistently lose weight 4 weeks in a row - extremely good going for me. Secondly, I had a bit of an "oops" moment on Thursday night with my eating, more on that in a sec. Thirdly, I did say I expected the scales to bounce back slightly after their sudden drop on Thursday. So all in all, I'm happy.

Thursday was one of those silly meals where you come home from work, eat what looked like a fairly sensible meal without thinking about it, then realise that you've actually consumed far more points than you thought you might. Not a terrible amount over, in the scale of the week's tracker, but definitely more than you intended. It wasn't a huge amount of food physically, just a not very clever choice (though for the record, my flatmate's chocolate cupcake was A-MAZING!).

Anyhoo, because I'm feeling quite balanced at the moment, that translated straight into a ... very normal day of eating yesterday, with a dose of very sweaty circuits to liven things up at lunchtime.

I know it sounds odd, but I find Fridays where I can eat relatively well to be one of the most satisfying achievements of the week. Notoriously, Fridays are an awful day for me - a fresh week in the tracker with a whole new allowance of flex points, and usually a social event to navigate, and things tend to come a little undone.

Yesterday was good though. We went to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta with VIP passes last night, so I knew I'd be eating dinner on the run. I stuck to a good basic breakfast and lunch, and then went and got a sandwich and a salad for my picnic tea, rather than leaving it to the lottery of whatever over-priced food would be available at the fiesta. That worked out well, as it meant I could enjoy a large cold white wine spritzer on our picnic rug in the VIP viewing area whilst eating our picnic, without having to go scavenge for food - much more relaxed!!!

We even stayed away from all the food stands, including the giant confectionary stands full of fudge (my personal weakness), because I kept telling myself and Krissy that none of what was on offer was really worth it - it wasn't the best quality out there, and if you're going to stray, you might as well make it good!

Instead we wandered happily, went on some of the fairground rides, watched the amazing aerobatics display with fireworks, and then headed home for a bowl of Haagen Dazs in front of Sweeney Todd, because I've never seen it before.

Today's looking ultra-relaxed with brunch in a bit and a BBQ later ... and yes, I fully intend to plan out my eats for tonight to stay on the healthy side!!

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Thursday, 9 August 2012


It's funny how you can watch the scales slowly going down the numbers, and then one day, seemingly out of nowhere, you suddenly notice you feel smaller too.

Your clothes are looser or you look in the mirror and notice differences.

It may not even be on a day when the scale goes down, but all of a sudden you know that something's going right. A lovely bit of reassurance that the effort is worth it.

As it happens, I got both on the same day - the scales dropping again and my tight trousers suddenly feeling better. I don't expect the scales to stay consistently where they were this morning, as recent patterns dictate that they'll now bounce up a bit again, but at least the pattern is now reversed to the last couple of months - they go to a new low before bouncing back a little, rather than a new high.

Quads are a little sore today after yesterday's run, but I've got a spin class shortly to try and loosen them up a bit (or torture myself further ... one of the two!).

Last night saw another lovely night out with the Boy. Just when I get slightly paranoid that he's been quiet for a few days he keeps surprising me - last night was an impromptu trip to the seaside and dinner. Nothing too exotic - an evening walk along the seafront at Clevedon, a drink in a pub garden overlooking the water and then a nice local Italian called Scuzzi where I enjoyed very tasty swordfish, but extremely pleasant and good company obviously!

The funny thing is I've noticed I unconsciously eat better around him - in all the times we've eaten together I just sort of stop when I'm full, without even thinking about it. Given that I can't do that at any other time or with other people it's most peculiar, but there you go!

So, for the moment, the sun is shining, life is good, and the only thing deflated is my waistline - long may this continue!

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Run Away

Yep - it's that time again ... time to get my run on.

Now let's be clear about this - I haven't run since the half marathon. In March. Some 5 months ago.

However the Banzai Charge is looming in a month's time and I'm totally unprepared so running seemed like a good plan!!! As it is, I'm woefully undertrained for an 8 mile x-country mud, hills and obstacles epic.

It wasn't particularly fun running after so long, but it actually wasn't too bad. I went for my normal harbour loop of just over 4k, and set out with the intention of making it as comfortable as possible and taking it as slowly as that needed to be.

In the end, it took me around 29 mins, which is prob only about a minute and a bit slower than my normal pace, and the only real casualty was a bit of soreness on my insteps where the skin has obviously softened since I stopped running regularly. I do think maybe I need to change my entry to the 4 mile race though!!!

Anyhoo - it's back to running for me again. At least for a little while!

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Cupcake Aversion

My watch-word(s) these last couple of weeks has been "there's nothing you can have now that you can't have later". In other words - hold the treats, just for now, so I can get my weight back down.

That is not helped by my flatmate cooking fecking amazing looking chocolate cupcakes with pink icing and fresh raspberries on top and telling us that there's 3 rejects that she's held back for us.

But I persevered - mine, or one of the ones that would be mine, is in the fridge sealed tight in a Tupperware box ...maybe I'll have enough points to consider eating it sometime this week, maybe not.

Damn. I love cupcakes. But I love the scale descending just a little more.

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Monday, 6 August 2012

Yeehaaa For Yoga!!!

This is Bird Pose in yoga:

Now, I do Body Balance rather than straight yoga, so we don't often get to try the more advanced poses, but the newest release, or at least the version we did with my instructor today, has Bird Pose in.

I can't say I looked as neat or elegant as the lady above, but I could do it - at least for 5 or so seconds at a time!! I know that doesn't sound long, but when you're balancing on your hands with your knees tucked behind your elbows it certainly feels like an accomplishment!! I'm looking forward to seeing how long I can hold it for over the next couple of weeks :-)

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Weekend Win!

Well, after my very positive sounding post on Friday, I'm very pleased to be able to report that I had an excellent weekend on track and have, for once, hit Monday with the scales comfortably down a little bit and points still banked.

I even had a very enjoyable weekend while I was at it, and enjoyed a little of what I fancied ... just in moderation.

I've indulged in a lot of Olympics watching this weekend (go Team GB!!), a lot of catching up on quality sleep, brunch with friends, a delicious roast dinner, a glass of bubbly with fresh raspberries here and a glass of good red there and some of the most delicious cake ever. But all in small portions and some sensible choices in between and a bit of walking around.

We did head over to Rest Bay for another surf yesterday but the forecast lied and it was flatter than a pancake when we got there so it was straight back home again ... frustrating but it happens once in a while I guess - just means I got to watch a bit more of the games.

I even found time to do some more planning for my Africa trip next year and get the chores out the way at a leisurely pace.

In short, I feel rested and relaxed to face the week ahead :-) Hope you all had good weekends too!

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Friday, 3 August 2012

Weekly Weigh-in

Somebody around here got so sucked into watching the Olympics that she very nearly forgot to go to her circuits class .... whoops!!

On matters of weight, I'm very content with this week though. The scales this morning said 13st 4.25lbs which is the lightest I've been in a month and a solid 2.5lbs from last week. Some of that is undoubtedly the switch from my old and dodgy scales to new and more accurate ones, but I also think some of it is genuinely me.

I feel like I navigated the festival with not too much damage, and have eaten consistently since. My back's been a little sore this week so I've been careful with my exercise, but I've still managed a surf, spin and a circuits class.

I'm shooting now to see 13st 3lb next. In a strange way it's like winding back time - because my weight has been slowly winding its way up for a while now, as I work to get it back down it's like revisiting historical points. My current weight puts me back to July - my next little step puts me back to June ... I just need to keep steadily doing what I'm doing right now!!

And talking of winding things back ... after a lot of up and down in the fight to get my debts under control, this month marks the new low point in my campaign so far!!! I made good progress in the first part of last year but then lost a lot of ground as my bills and living costs went up last year and I was struggling to balance my money. I've now regained that ground and a bit more, and fingers crossed, I should now be making fresh headway every month from here - in just a couple of months time I'm very much looking forward to crossing the line and getting under £20k of total debts!!

So, basically, I'm feeling very positive today!

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Festival Feedback

It's been a busy ol' time of it in the Starfish locale recently - lots of fun and very productive. I love being in the mood to get stuff done!!

Firstly, because I didn't have time on Friday to post it: I weighed in at 13st 6.8lb this week - a solid loss of 2.8lbs from the previous week and slightly better than I was hoping for, which was great.

With that happy news in my pocket, I packed all my gear in my friend Annie's car and we cheerfully set off down the M5 to Cornwall, bound for the Leopallooza festival near Bude.

Festivals: a dieter's worst nightmare. You're camping, so there's no fridge or way to keep fresh food cool. Everything gets packed and squashed in the car, so anything delicate doesn't last long (I learned that the hard way ... the banana's were declared dead en route). Most meals aren't even being home-cooked (camp-cooked?) but catered for with whatever's available at the festival. And finally, there's booze. Lots and lots of booze.

I won't deny it was tricky - breakfast options were heavily censored, because we couldn't keep milk or meat cool, and when it was hot this weekend it was HOT! We had a BBQ the first night, which I kept relatively in hand, I avoided snacking, and I was delighted to discover that spirits and diet mixers were readily available at the festival bar, but other than that eating and drinking was rather relaxed.

On the other hand, from Sunday onwards I knuckled back down, and so was impressed to see not too much impact on the scales on Monday.

Other than that, the festival was great!!! My first ever proper festival and it was so much fun. Good music, great people and a lovely setting. Can't wait for the next one!

For the record - that pitta contained bbq'd pepper, mushroom and light halloumi cheese and a dollop of humous, which seriously turns out to be the best combo EVER!!! Try it - you won't regret it!!

Monday was gloriously relaxed as I had the day off and went surfing at Rest Bay with Clare. The surf was pretty shit, but the weather was nice and the gossiping was good :-)

One unexpected side effect of the surfing was that my bathroom scales then got broken. Unfortunately, one of my flatmates moved my still dripping wetsuit out of the shower cubicle, where it had been rinsed when I got home, and hung it on the outside while they had a shower in the evening. Sadly, my scales also live propped up against the outside of the shower, and consequently they spent several hours being dripped on. Extensively. It turns out that's not very good for them. Yesterday morning they read 14 and a half stone, and I guessed what had happened. Then 14 and three quarters when I took the batteries out and replaced them. Dead.

So new scales it is, and what do you know - my old scales might have been a little bit out for a while now, as my shiny new Weightwatchers scales put me at 13st 4.5lb this morning. Sort of a cheaty loss, but very cheering none the less!

Other than all that, I'm being an organisational demon at the moment. After finally unpacking the last of my stuff after the move (back in Feb, ahem) and doing a load of chucking out over the last couple of weeks, I've now got round to doing all the paperwork for my PPI claim and even forms for joining the doctors practice up the road from me. I'm not going to lie - I love feeling all pro-active like this and getting all this shit sorted - things that have been hanging over my head for so long.

I was thinking about finally getting on with my PPI claim last week, but the Boy gave me a little nudge yesterday and so I finally stopped procrastinating and got all the forms from online. Honestly, I'm a little bit scared, because right now I can think of my claim as this ephemeral amount that in theory I can claim back - I don't have the money, but the possibility's there. However, when I make my claim, they can say "no" and destroy that possibility.

It sounds strange, but I've lived so long with the idea that I might be able to get that money back, that asking and possibly being rejected actually seems really scary now. But hey, it's not doing me any good as a theoretical amount, and if I don't ask, I don't get.

So here goes nothing!!!

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