Monday, 6 August 2012

Weekend Win!

Well, after my very positive sounding post on Friday, I'm very pleased to be able to report that I had an excellent weekend on track and have, for once, hit Monday with the scales comfortably down a little bit and points still banked.

I even had a very enjoyable weekend while I was at it, and enjoyed a little of what I fancied ... just in moderation.

I've indulged in a lot of Olympics watching this weekend (go Team GB!!), a lot of catching up on quality sleep, brunch with friends, a delicious roast dinner, a glass of bubbly with fresh raspberries here and a glass of good red there and some of the most delicious cake ever. But all in small portions and some sensible choices in between and a bit of walking around.

We did head over to Rest Bay for another surf yesterday but the forecast lied and it was flatter than a pancake when we got there so it was straight back home again ... frustrating but it happens once in a while I guess - just means I got to watch a bit more of the games.

I even found time to do some more planning for my Africa trip next year and get the chores out the way at a leisurely pace.

In short, I feel rested and relaxed to face the week ahead :-) Hope you all had good weekends too!

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