Thursday, 9 August 2012


It's funny how you can watch the scales slowly going down the numbers, and then one day, seemingly out of nowhere, you suddenly notice you feel smaller too.

Your clothes are looser or you look in the mirror and notice differences.

It may not even be on a day when the scale goes down, but all of a sudden you know that something's going right. A lovely bit of reassurance that the effort is worth it.

As it happens, I got both on the same day - the scales dropping again and my tight trousers suddenly feeling better. I don't expect the scales to stay consistently where they were this morning, as recent patterns dictate that they'll now bounce up a bit again, but at least the pattern is now reversed to the last couple of months - they go to a new low before bouncing back a little, rather than a new high.

Quads are a little sore today after yesterday's run, but I've got a spin class shortly to try and loosen them up a bit (or torture myself further ... one of the two!).

Last night saw another lovely night out with the Boy. Just when I get slightly paranoid that he's been quiet for a few days he keeps surprising me - last night was an impromptu trip to the seaside and dinner. Nothing too exotic - an evening walk along the seafront at Clevedon, a drink in a pub garden overlooking the water and then a nice local Italian called Scuzzi where I enjoyed very tasty swordfish, but extremely pleasant and good company obviously!

The funny thing is I've noticed I unconsciously eat better around him - in all the times we've eaten together I just sort of stop when I'm full, without even thinking about it. Given that I can't do that at any other time or with other people it's most peculiar, but there you go!

So, for the moment, the sun is shining, life is good, and the only thing deflated is my waistline - long may this continue!

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  1. Lovely positive post! Glad things are going well and long may it continue.