Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Ummm .... What??? HOW???

I'm a little confused. As far as I know, I am still the same person that can look at a takeaway and instantly put on 4lbs, that I was before my holiday.

And yet, I've just stood on the scales, closed my eyes and held my breath to see what the excruciating damage was after 10 days of inhaling bread, pâté, cheese and wine .... and I had a little trouble processing it.

For according to the scales (the shiny new scales that should be nice and reliable), the damage is less than 2lbs. 1.75lbs if we're being holy accurate.

Where did the rest of it go?? I don't quite understand. It's really most peculiar!! I definitely felt like it would be a lot more than that!

However, I am in no way trying to provoke the Gods of the Scale, if they choose to favour me in such a way, so I am straight back to the good ol' straight and narrow today.

I don't have any food in the house right now, so when I get up (I may have gone back to my lovely warm bed since I have the rest of the week off), some form of healthy breakfast and a restocking of the cupboards and fridge will be in order, and then ... I don't really know as I don't have any firm plans for the next couple of days. Probably my favourite coffee shop and a book as it's currently tipping down out there .... ahhhh the lovely British weather!!

Welcome home, huh?

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  1. Oh my god what a result, well done! I'm catching up on blogs after a few months off during relationship meltdown. Looks like you are doing great on both the lbs and the £ front. Keep it going.

    p.s. now I want pate and wine, did you have to mention them?!