Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Like a good little girl I took myself out for a second run yesterday. It was absolutely toasty out at lunchtime with no breeze to speak of, so it was definitely a hot sweaty effort, but I kept my pace steady and managed to complete the whole run without needing to walk. Slow but comfortable (or about as comfortable as running ever gets anyway) - just over 4km, just under 30 mins. I'm pleased with that for only my second run in 5 months.

Unfortunately, since then, my back has done something it hasn't done for quite a while and seems to have seized up. I met a friend for dinner and drinks last night, and I stood up to leave at the end of the evening, I suddenly realised that my back was really quite sore.

Admittedly, it's nowhere near as painful as previous episodes have been, but it definitely feels like something needs to click back into place - it's like little nagging, pinching sensations around my back and hips.

In an effort to nurse it and avoid making it any worse, I'm going to do the sensible thing and take the ret of the week as rest from working out. I'm taking my anti-imflamatories and some painkillers today, and just trying to move slowly so my body has a chance to de-stiffen when I stand up from my desk, and I'll maybe try some gentle stretches tonight too to help it.

Another click has happened too. The scales are sitting steady at around 12st 4lb this week, and I started to get a little annoyed that they weren't moving anywhere after around 2 weeks. Then I read something this morning - another blogger's post on being in the middle of the journey. So far from where you started and yet not at the finish. More comfortable than you were and yet fed up with change.

Everything she wrote just clicked with me. Both in my longer journey, and over the last couple of weeks. I'm far more comfortable in myself than a couple of years ago - hell, I'm more comfortable than a couple of weeks ago - I've actually lost nearly half a stone in the last couple of weeks - but now is most definitely not the time to get complacent. I need to keep making the effort.

I did well this weekend, better than many weekends in a long, long while - but that isn't really a reason to keep eating into my flex points this week. I enjoyed a couple of gin and tonics last night, and lovely moules frite while I was with my friend - and I didn't stop to wonder what I was consuming in points as I knew I still had a fair bit banked for the week. I need to be cleverer, more committed, more focused, if I want to keep losing weight.

So that's what I'm going to do for the rest of the week - focus. I then I need to have a think about the next 10 days .... as I'm off to France on holiday!!! The land where bread, cheese and really good wine abounds .... yep, I definitely need a plan!!!

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