Friday, 17 August 2012

5th Week In A Row!

I lost another 1/2 lb!!! Might not sound much to you, but to me it marks an historic moment in which I've actually managed to lose consistently 5 weeks in a row. And whilst the last 2 weeks' losses haven't been huge they did follow 2 weeks in which I lost over 5lbs, so all in all it's very healthy.

I'm not entirely convinced I deserved a loss after a somewhat dirty Mexican tapas lunch yesterday with the boy, although looking at the balance of my eating during the week I guess I have been pretty much where I needed to be in terms of staying on track. I'm lacking exercise this week, having chosen to rest my back, but overall very happy.

This coming week is a whole different story, and I think I might be very lucky to see a record 6th loss next time I weigh in .... as I'm off to France for 10 days with friends!! We're leaving tonight for an early ferry, and heading to a massive farmhouse in the Loire for a week. Then a few of us are pit-stopping in Paris on the way home for an extra couple of nights.

There's going to be a lot of food and wine, and I've never been great at exercising willpower in group situations, so I see this as extremely challenging. I think my basic plan is eat what I want, but keep an eye on how much. It's a detailed plan obviously!!

We have no Internet where we're going so online tracking is not an option (and I'll be a little quiet on here) ... so we'll see how it goes - either way I'm looking forwards to a lovely holiday!

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  1. Have a fab holiday! It's so hot here in France at the moment that you'll probably find you don't want to eat masses anyway, although this doesn't seem to hinder wine consumption! xx

  2. That's brilliant - well done you. And have a fantastic holiday.