Sunday, 12 August 2012

BBQ Survival Tips

.... according to me anyway ...

Last night was none-to-clever. I'd planned my food as mentioned - some chicken skewers with a tikka glaze and veg skewers to have with humous and pitta - all nice and healthy.

Epic fail - after a few gin and bitter lemons, I forgot I'd put my food by the BBQ to be cooked, forgot to eat any of it. I remembered a bit later, by which time all the chicken had gone, as had most of the other meat goodies. I grabbed a couple of my veg skewers as they had turned up on the table near me, but in my mildly inebriated state forgot the pitta bread and humous bit.

So basically, I drunk all night on an empty stomach - genius.

It would be fair to say that I did not feel too good. In fact, so bad, that I could barely move - every move left me hot and cold and nauseous. Dry-retching nauseous. Which was a little unfortunate since Jo was visiting and due to arrive at 11am. Poor thing had to put up with me lying on the sofa trying not to throw up for the first hour or so, until I rallied a bit.

I finally feel better at the time of writing, but think I might leave the gin alone for a while. On the upside, not eating last night and this morning puts me in a great position on my Weightwatchers points as I finish the weekend - I feel another good week coming on!!

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