Friday, 11 May 2012

Day 3

So far, so good.  Planning sure does make things easier!

I had another perfect day yesterday ... again including dessesrt.  It's amazing how much food you get on a healthy eating plan when you actually stop and plan it out.  Enough to keep you lovely and full and not missing out on any of the good stuff .... even the Ben & Jerry's (but just a small portion and put on some crumbled meringue to bulk it out).

Today I've purposefully given myself a slightly more relaxed day - but not too relaxed.  I took today off work, as it's just too quiet in the office at the moment and I felt like some R & R instead would be a good thing.  But lo and behold, even on my day off I've still been thinking and planning.

I just switched things around a little bit, so that instead of having a larger lunch and smaller breakfast as is my norm, I had a bigger brunch (after my lie-in of course!) and a bowl of my zero point soup later.  And I even booted my ass down to the gym for my regular Friday circuits.  Since I didn't have any particular plans for today, I didn't see why I shouldn't go along as usual, and I'm glad I did (once I'd sufficiently recovered my breath not to feel like passing out).  I also figured, that since I was planning on a takeaway tonight, I should put some hard work in first to earn it.

After my very late lunch (errrr - half 3 / 4 o'clock - not sure how that happened!), I spent a happy couple of hours wandering round the mall at Cribbs Causeway looking for new work trousers, some Converse trainers, and new gym bottoms.  I've managed to find my gym gear, and a lovely pair of red converse (so pretty, and a different style for me - I'm branching my wardrobe in a different direction again!), but no work trousers. 

Tonight's been a sofa evening with my fully licenced and planned-for takeaway.  I sensibly came home and perused the menu first before heading round to the takeaway, so I knew what I wanted and didn't over-order on a split second decision.  Definitely a good plan.   And although I still ate more than I needed, I did leave something on the plate, which is such a mind-fuck for me usually.  Baby, baby steps. 

So not a bad start to my new Weightwatchers week.  Meals are all planned up til Sunday, and I fully intend to sit down then and plan the next couple of days out.  Scales were slightly down this morning on last week, at 13st 3.2lbs.  I'm going to a friend's birthday tomorrow night (need to think of a drinking strategy tomorrow afternoon before I go), and then seeing a friend on Sunday night.  Invites have been sent for our flatwarming, tickets have been purchased for Leopallooza this summer (whoooop! My first ever proper festival!), and I shall leave you with some photos from the last couple of weeks.  Firstly, some silliness from the roller disco the other week, and then some of the photo booth pics from the Jailbreak party a week or so before - I do silly so well, don't you think!  Also please note the awesomeness of my "after" hair in the last shot, once the lady doing all the crazy hairstyles had been at it at the party - love love!!

Hope y'all are having a good weekend! xx

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