Friday, 1 June 2012

Surprisingly ...

... I've actually lost a little weight this week. I say surprisingly, because I wasn't particularly amazing at the weekend and that usually results in a stay-the-same result, and then I also switched routines half-way through the week to a new way of tracking.

I feel like I've eaten tons the last couple of days, but the scales are sort of delicately edging down (although they did bounce up slightly, earlier in the week, which was probably the delayed onset of the weekend). Anyhoo - back to 13st 3lbs again, and I'd really like to crack on and see something lower than that soon as it's been waaaaaaay too long since I was closer to the 12's.

The new tracker feels like it suits me better though (for which I must thank Love Cat for pointing me in the right direction). I'm using MyNetDiary, and tracking on a daily basis suits me much better I think. I like all the little geeky stats telling me how my day breaks down, and encouraging me to eat more breakfast, and prompting for more fibre and less saturated fat, and I like their little daily breakdown of your progress against your targets. There's much less encouragement for me to splurge on a single day of the week, and I feel more in tune with the exercise I'm doing.

I still don't know what's happening with the boy - I didn't hear from him last night, and I'm guessing he's still buried in moving since he's usually quite good at getting back to me when he says he will, but surprisingly I'm ok with that too. What will be, will be, and it's not going to kill me either way, and at least I've put myself out there for once and taken the risk.

Instead, of sitting waiting for the phone to go last night, I headed out for another edition of dusty-trails-on-my-bike last night and it was epic. Not the length of the ride, but the quality. A bit faster, a bit flow-ier, and I suddenly figured out how to jump my bike off the rollers and down steps last night - AWESOME! Only problem is then I wanted to jump my bike off everything!

I'm enjoying that today's my last day in the office for a while, as I've got my first full week's holiday this year next week. I intend to relax, have fun and be kind to myself next week.

Have a lovely jubilee weekend, folks! Xx

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