Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Spinning Around

Ola people!!!

It is biiiiiiiz-eeeeeee round here at the moment. I feel a bit like I'm in the washing machine on the spin cycle with everything going past super fast. Or at least at least spinning an entire field of plates and trying to keep them all going.

I had a crazy weekend driving round the country, from Bristol to Aylesbury, then up to Northampton, back across to Cambridge, back to Aylesbury and finally home to Bristol - it felt a lot like I'd spent the whole weekend in the car and on the move by the end! Since there was so much travelling and then a big dinner out on Saturday night and a christening on Sunday followed by family dinner at my friends, eating was unsurprisingly over my targets. I did my best to remember everything for the tracker though, and was quite surprised to see that although I didn't reach my target calorie deficit for the week, I did manage a deficit of a 1,000 calories still. Being able to see actual units, rather than just being an arbitrary number of Weightwatchers points over for the week, really seems to help.

I've swung straight into this week, with Body Balance yesterday and circuits today. The circuits was possibly the most boring class I've ever been to, 6 exercises for a minute each (30 seconds in the second half of the class), repeated over and over again until we were done. People got do bored they started changing the exercises to other things for some light relief - thank god we don't have that format often!

Work's also crazy busy and we're still supposed to be in the quiet period at the moment! I found out yesterday that I have to go to Edinburgh for 3 days next week, so have been trying to dairy that out, which then only leaves me 2 days after that before the real crazy starts in July.

However, by far and away the most exciting thing this week, was going to the travel agents last night and picking up the tours brochure for Africa!!!!! So much choice I hardly know where to start!!! There's a couple of possibilities that look amazing, but I've been totally seduced by the idea of a 21 day tour from Livingstone in Zambia to Cape Town in South Africa - sandboarding in the Namib desert, Victoria Falls, white-water rafting on the Zambezi, travelling by dugout canoe, safari, Table Mountain - so. Much. Stuff!!!!!! Not entirely sure it's viable, but lots of possibilities and a girl can dream.

In the meantime, scales are back to 13st 3, I'm plodding along steadily and off to the cinema tonight to see Rock of Ages.


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