Thursday, 28 June 2012


I'll be quite honest - I was dreading getting on the scales this morning. The house-warming on Friday night, followed by the hangover on Saturday (all day) weren't kind to my healthy eating intentions. Sunday was better but still featured a few too many gin and tonics. And then Monday I flew off to Edinburgh for 3 long days work. All restaurants, all the time. Even with the best of intentions it's hard-going making anything good of that lot.

However, it looks like my good intentions, for at least most of the time, has paid off. The scales remain pretty level - both a miracle and an anticlimax to my dread. Believe me - I'm celebrating!!! And I've also jumped straight back on to my normal home plan today - no point not taking advantage of it!

In non-food news, Friday's house party was a raging success - so much so that we were all destroyed on Saturday. I pulled on my big girl pants - or in fact, my Supergirl pants - and braved a pretty silly costume in support of our S-themed fancy dress.

I was convinced that I hadn't drunk that much, but Saturday's hangover said otherwise - the punch was clearly lethal. My flatmate's had done us proud with their catering and organising - there was everything from pizza to cupcakes - and I even got my own personalised cupcake made for me!! It was delicious.

By Sunday I felt more-or-less recovered after a good long sleep, and I met up with a ... a friend? The guy I'm sort of dating? ... anyhoo, him, for a late lunch in the sun and then football-watching with his friends.

I can't really define what we are, which is a bit confusing, which is probably why he hasn't been specifically mentioned here before. More than friends, definitely, but we haven't seen each other often enough to qualify as more than that, as we've both been ridiculously busy over the last couple of months, and besides have both been a bit burned and so are cautious with each other. However he's fabulous company, fun to be around and I've stopped stressing about defining it or the speed we're moving along at, as I've realised I'm quite confident that he likes me and finds me attractive, so what will be will be.

Looks like being a quiet end to the week, after the hectic of Edinburgh, which I'm really quite happy about. I'm off to a surf club BBQ tonight, so just need to hang on to my self-restraint and not go silly, then nothing too much planned for the weekend. I foresee a lot of sleep catch-up!!!

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  1. So is this the guy you texted who you were waiting for a reply from? Or a different one...?
    Exciting times nevertheless :) xx