Monday, 2 July 2012

Baby Steps Forwards

After being away most of last week, a BBQ on Thursday night, takeaway on Friday and then being up in Malvern with the girls over the weekend, including another couple of meals out and wine, I'm very surprised to be able to report some thoughtful eating and a loss - both on my official Friday Weightwatchers weigh-ins and my new Monday ones for my new calorie app. I'm more than happy with that though!

This week sees the start of the silly season at work, so with social occasions ratcheting down for a while, I've decided that there won't be a better time to have a week of pre-planned meals and to actually do a food-shop to provide for them. After all the restaurants of last week, and my recent eating in general, I feel like there has been a dearth of vegetables in my life, so this weeks menu plan remedies that - lots of veg, lots of lean meat and fish, less starchy carbs. Lots of taste!

I'm also aiming to shake up my lunches a bit and try making some couscous salads to bring to work. I should be able to make several days worth at a time which is convenient.

Since I'm back in the office too, the gym is back on - Body Balance, 2 circuits classes and a spin class.

Keeping it simple; paring it back. And hoping to (re)gain a little more ground after my loss. Getting back closer to the 12's during the next couple of weeks would be nice.

On a totally separate note, the charity I'm going to Kenya with have confirmed that they're happy to only book my outbound flight for me, and it's not going to screw with the visas if I go travelling on my own afterwards. Work have provisionally approved a month of work ..... it looks like it's time for the next big adventure!!!

Oh, and yes Badger, this is the same guy! Who knows what's happening but it's fun finding out .... I'm invited to a pool party at his this weekend!

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