Monday, 16 July 2012

Treading Water

This weekend has produced neither movement forward or backward on the old weight front. I was mindful of how much I are, but what I ate included too much takeaway. Since I was also stuck in the office all Saturday there was little or no effort at movement either.

Yesterday was a precious day off, and after a tiny, treasured little lie-in I was cheering on Hannah at the Bristol Triathlon. Is there any better way to feel like a sloth than watching other people carry out athletic feats??? I think not!

Mind you, I've realised it's only 7 weeks until I'm running the 8 miles of the Banzai Charge in Dorset, so probably best that I get off my ass and start running again anyway!!

So, after a week of effectively procrastinating, I want (yet gain!) to try and make an effort to eat a little healthier, move a little more and make a little headway this week. I spent far too much of last week feeling grumpy and tense due to to work, so would like to try and relax a little more this week and hopefully the rest will follow suit!

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