Thursday, 26 July 2012

Nothing I Can't Have Later

I'm still trying to work on the principle that right now I want to be healthy, and there's no treats that I could have now that I couldn't have later.

For the most part, I think I'm being pretty successful too. It's been a trying sort of week with all the festival / eating out / drinking challenges of last weekend, two breakfast meetings out with work and a dinner out with the Boy on Tuesday, but I'm still sitting several lbs down from where I started last week. Although the temporary dramatic loss of the weekend hasn't quite lasted, I'm fairly confident that those weights aren't too far away still as I feel like I have a bit of temporary bloat at the moment.

It's been an active week too, with lots of advantage taken of the gorgeous weather that's finally arrived - the festival was great fun at the weekend and I spent most of Saturday on my feet and outdoors. On Sunday and Monday evenings I snuck off to the coast over the bridge in Wales and indulged in some long overdue surfing .... it was sooooooo good to get back in the water!! I also went to Body Balance on Monday and circuits on Tuesday, which was super hot and sweaty. Yesterday my arms nearly fell off as a result of that little lot!!!

I also had a gorgeous visit to the Avon Gorge Hotel on Tuesday evening for drinks and food on the terrace with The Boy ... I can't believe (and he couldn't either) that I've not been to this legendary Bristol venue before - the views from the terrace across the suspension bridge and the gorge are just spectacular ... kind of nice to share with someone you like :-) We also hit up the cinema for some Batman action too which was pretty cool.

So - to summarise - a great week socially, and I don't think I've done too bad on the old eating and moving front, so I'm hopeful of being able to report another loss tomorrow.

Then I've got a massive challenge ahead as I leave tomorrow morning for a solid 3 days at a music festival in Cornwall. Eeeeep - how do I manage this???? I need a plan .... I shall be considering said plan tonight while I do my other packing.

I'm very excited though as this is my first proper festival!! Whoop this festival virgin is losing her cherry! I've also got Monday off for an extra long weekend and I'm spending the day with my lovely friend Clare for more surfing.

Hopefully for more lovely views like this at the beach ...

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