Saturday, 2 June 2012


Having a new routine means working my way round my danger spot, the weekend, in a new way.

Gone is my extra weekly allowance of flex points on weightwatchers, my new tracker purely runs day to day. So last night, my flatmate Krissie and I fancied some Indian food. I still had 1200 calories to use (which came from both my calorie allowance for the day and what I'd burnt walking to and from my office and at lunchtime Circuits), and using those would still leave me my calculated 500 calorie deficit for the day.

We decided to share the takeaway - a korma, rice and naan, sag aloo and an onion bhaji between us. I had also bought a chocolate bar thinking I wanted something sweet afterwards. I am SO glad we shared, as there was tons of food and I so didn't even need to finish what I had!

Food straight into the tracker, and although I'd cut into my daily deficit, I was still running at a (small) deficit for the day. I looked at the glass of wine I'd been handed on the table - I'd drunk half already but wasn't really feeling it - and I left the rest. I didn't bother with the chocolate bar on the kitchen table - after all, I was stuffed. I probably could have stopped eating earlier too, but overall I feel like I did pretty well.

Off surfing with the girls today, and no plans out for tonight (and no takeaway either - I've settled that need for now). I've even already bought a sandwich and snack to take - well the chocolate from last night - so can pre-track my food.

I'm feeling pretty good about this weekend!

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