Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Week 5

Blimey - where do the weeks go??

This one got swallowed up in snow and leaving drinks, and a mountain of work, and here we are and it's the middle of the week again already!!!

Weigh-in first - this was my 5th weigh-in at Slimming World, marking around my 6th complete week on plan, and I'm actually pretty pleased with how it's going. Given that I lost 4lbs last week due to a stomach bug (hi there, side effects of the yellow fever vaccination!), I was overwhelmingly chuffed to have only put on 0.5lbs this week.

It sounds perverse, I know, but last week's weigh in came at a point where I'd basically consumed very little food and fluids in the previous 36 hours, so it was perhaps inevitable that the scales would creep up a little again as I resumed eating normally. Additionally, I had a stressful week at work, which seriously curtailed my gym activity, I had drinks on Thursday night, cake and takeaway on Saturday, and dinner out at Yo! Sushi on Monday followed by pic'n'mix at the cinema, so I feel like that it was an all round great result. I'm still lower than I was pre-Christmas and that is fine by me.

It's been a fairly jam-packed week as you can tell, as my ex-flatmate Sam flew away to Borneo for 5 months over the weekend. On Thursday night we gathered for drinks to toast her health and bid her farewell (for now anyway), and it was quite an emotional night.

Above, there's smiles from those of us staying behind, but there were some tears and wobbly lips too.

Then on Friday the snow struck. It has to be said, Bristol doesn't get a huge amount of snow, so I waterproofed up and stuck it out for another 12 hour day in the office, before adjourning back in on Saturday for more .... given it was still snowing out and I couldn't be bothered carrying extra shoes to the office with me, I modelled an unconventional choice of office footwear at the weekend ...

.... big wooly slippers to keep my feet warm!!!

After work was done, I was able to slip away for a walk at picturesque Ashton Court with Hannah - which was rendered even prettier by the snow. We borrowed our friend's dog Henry, and he was super excited by the snow, which sort of rubbed off on us too! We built a snowman (which looked oddly like a moomin), threw some snowballs and dodged the sledges, before winding up at the cafe for hot chocolate and cake.

I managed to fit in another walk on Sunday with other friends, and added snow angels and more snowballs to the list of fun - the fresh air was the perfect antidote to all that work time I've been logging recently.

In between work and playing outside, I've been curled up in the warm reading. I go through phases with my reading, and right now I'm loving it again. I'm a huge fan of my local library for enabling me to devour the latest by my favourite authors without guilt about money or space taken up by bookshelves, and also for letting me try new stuff. This one looks a bit intimidating but we'll see how I get now with it; it seems engaging so far!!

And finally, I've been ticking yet more items off my Africa list. Travel insurance and a coach booking to get to the airport have been sorted this week.

This time in a month I'll be there!! The excitement is starting to bubble up in me now, as I think it's finally starting to sink in that I'm really going. I absolutely can't wait (although there's a tiny little bit of me acknowledging I'm scared to be going away on my own for a month!), and I treated myself to a new camera in honour of this amazing trip this week. I'm going to be seeing such amazing scenery and places and I want to be able to record those memories as best I can .... and well, basically, I've been hankering after a proper SLR for ages now, so I've got a Nikon D3100 somewhere in the post winging its way to me .... so I can hopefully catch some images like these:

In order from top: Sossusvlei in Namibia, the Okavango Delta in Botswana and Etosha NP in Namibia.

Squeeeeeeee - I can't believe I'm actually going to these very places!!!! Oh, the excitement!!!!

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