Thursday, 3 January 2013

Week 2

I faced hint up to the Xmas demons last night and took myself off to my Slimming World meeting for the post-festive weigh in. Although technically I have now been with SW for 3 weeks, it was only my second weigh in, due to the Christmas holidays that occurred in the middle.

And, oh, what holidays they were! There was much eating, drinking and merriment, and my own scales indicated a gain of around 4-5lbs yesterday morning, so it was therefore with much trepidation that I braced myself and stepped on the official scales last night. It wasn't actually nearly as bad as I'd anticipated; 2.5lbs on from my last weigh in (and a chunk of that is likely salt-related bloating from fish and chips the night before when faced with empty cupboards), and if I add that to my 1.5lb loss from the first week, then I have ended up a stately 1lb heavier than I was at the start of my 3.5 week mega-Christmas holiday - not too shabby at all.

Of course, I'd have liked to have not been heavier, but I did indulge here and there (whilst thoroughly appreciating everything I had), and enjoyed the holidays for what they were - a chance to relax and take time off. And of course, without the mindfulness last night's impending meeting instilled in me over the last 2 weeks I could have been far, far heavier!!!

For this week, our whole group is focusing on going back to basics, which in my case is still my starting point anyway! We were asked to give a goal for this week, and I wasn't going to set a big target loss, because I often struggle to lose, but my flatmate's friend Christine said she was aiming for 3lbs, and then my flatmate Krissy said she was too, and it was the number I really wanted as 3lbs would take off to week's gain and give me a half pound loss on top ... fresh fat if you will, so I thought "sod it, I'll go for it".

Things in my favour: our other housemate Nina has just joined our SW group too!! We are now a total SW household!! If that doesn't help, I don't know what does! And I have my resolutions - goals to follow such as early nights, gym and exercise and cutting back on eating out and booze. On top of that, work starts the crazy season again this week, so my life is totally structured around the office and my social life scaled back over the next couple of weeks.

I've kicked off with healthy food today and yesterday, resuming my walk to work (an hour total each day), and a swim / sauna / steam room today after work which was lovely. So lovely, I might go again tomorrow, in fact!!

Here's to a good week, and aiming high, to start this year off!!

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  1. That's not too shabby at all - and I hope your year gets off to the best and healthiest of starts!