Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Week 3

Otherwise entitled "Oh".

Well, weigh-in didn't go entirely to plan. For a start I stayed the same as last week. And then I stayed the same as last week.

In all my infinite wisdom, acquired over 4 long years of healthy eating and losing weight, I know that it's stupid to take this to heart. My home scales have shown me slowly, but steadily, losing weight this week at my far more consistent early morning (and decidedly less clothed) weigh-ins. I feel smaller. I've eaten well all week, so this is clearly just a blip. I just need to wrap my head round that and keep my motivation high. I think this has just hit me hard because for once I went in expecting to see good things and then was totally shocked to see it still the same.

I've said many times before that more often than not I see the fruits of my labours a week or so behind when the actual labours take place, whether that's a gain or a loss. And weighing in the evening is always going to be a less predictable result due to having to, you know, actually eat and get dressed before the event. So I hereby promise to not let this put me off and to keep an eye on my own trusty scales over the next few days to see that they're still going in the right direction.

In the meantime I've got lunch to make for the next few days, and a couple of meals to plan for this week as I'm potentially eating out twice, and need to decide how to tackle that.

Just need to tuck my feelings away and keep going on auto-pilot for now.

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  1. I remember a very similar thing happening to me last January - and I ended up with a couple of great losses towards the end of the month. Remember, virtuousity is always rewarded eventually! Keep going and you're bound to see results.