Friday, 27 April 2012

Roller Derby

Well, technically it was roller disco, but my knees, hands and ear (?!) look more like the after-effects of a derby!!!

Last night we unleashed our inner 12 year olds, donned neon leg-warmers and lots of sparkly make-up and ventured to Bump @ Motion - the monthly roller disco night in Bristol for my friend Annie's 30th birthday.

I was a little worried that I'd over (under?) dressed as I got ready - I mean really, denim hot-pants, rib tights, orange and grey stripe leg-warmers, a pink graphic vest top and giant pink heart hoop earrings are tough to pull off on a rainy Thursday night .... especially over the age of about 23. But nope - bang on with the dress code. I like this place already!!

After being handed my black skates with their neon green wheels and fluoro pink laces (and tucking my leg-warmers over the top like all the cool kids) we wobbled our way off the sofa, out of the bar and carefully navigated the short ramp up to the dance floor / rink. It's been a good 15 years or so since I last flew around on skate and I sure knew it!

But oooooh the fun!!! With funk, Motown and 90's throwback tunes as a pounding soundtrack we wobbled, giggled and dodged our way round the sides. Each circuit proving a little easier as it all came back. Stopping proved a challenge though - I used to just slide to stop in a dramatic circle as a kid and I couldn't figure it out anymore!!!

It really was like being 14 again - the girls shrieking and giggling, the boys showing off - whether they were any good or not! - and the cool kids in the centre who were going backwards and break-dancing on skates (seriously. How???). Oh, and the occasional liability-on-wheels who you knew to dodge to avoid getting taken out!

Well, it sure beats an evening sitting in front of the tv, or even in the pub! Adding vodka to the mix certainly made an interesting variant on my teenage memories - there was none of that the first time round! - but it was a great night out, even I do feel a little battered this morning after a couple of falls and crashes.

This weekend sees me shooting off to the Gower for a surf weekend that is going to be very lacking in surf according to the forecasts. Ah well - can't have everything and I'm sure there'll be plenty of fun to be had anyway!

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