Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A Fresh Start

A fresh start: sometimes it's a good thing.

A clean slate yet to be written.  Adventures yet to be had. 

Of course, there have already been many adventures.  You could read about them here if you choose to.  Or start again, here, with me.  I can fill in the back-story for you, if you'd like:  I'm 31, and I've nearly always struggled with my weight.  For the last 3 years, I've fought my way down the scales to something approaching a healthy weight, and then fought to stay there.  And I've started living my life in what feels like full technicolour as a result. 

I kid you not, it changed my whole life.

Not because I'm slim now, or spectacularly beautiful, as a result (I'm a healthy size 14 and I'm quite pretty enough thank-you-very-much but not a supermodel by any means), but because I learned that if I can conquer my weight then I can damn well conquer other things too.

My challenges now are much more than just my weight.  I'll talk about more than just that here.  This is my sounding board for life.  When I started blogging I was just focused on losing weight, getting smaller, and getting happier.  And I did that. 

Getting happier: finding happiness.  And finding it's more than just a clothes size.  It's your attitude to life.  The challenges you accept, the friends you have, the risks you take, the new experiences you seek.  With the fat stripped away, you have to decide who to be.

I'm trying to do just that.

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  1. Looking forward to the New Adventures of Starfish! You are an inspiration to me - not just because of your fabulous weight loss but the way you really have seized life with both hands as a result.