Thursday, 14 February 2013

Week 8

Yay for another fairly awesome result this week, after a week of steadily plodding through life with a few duff evenings of eating and a lot of steady meals of goodness. There may even have been a pre-work swim or two in there as well.

In short, I managed to ditch another 1.5lbs at the scales at weigh in this week.

More excitingly though, the scales (my home scales that is) showed me a weight I haven't seen in over a year this week. Just a half lb shy if 13 stone, and therefore only a lb away from getting back into the 12's!!! Of course, since then there has been a birthday cake for my flatmate, pancake day and several shit days at work including today where I left work at 8.15pm on Valentine's day, grumpy, very single, and hating the world ... so there might have been a bit more cake. So I have little work to do if I want to make any kind of loss appear on the scales next week ... best get cracking!

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